Wednesday, May 24, 2017

8 Ways to Simplify Each Day

From Sarah Laughland, actress and photographer:
 I know this seems like such a trivial one, but think about it. How much money do you spend on paper towels? Cloth towels absorb more, can stick around for years and turn into retro looks (Mom—I’m looking at you), and look way cuter in your kitchen. I keep a single roll of paper towels (biodegradable, if possible) around just in case. By only having one, I conserve and use them when absolutely necessary....

We spritz a bit of cleaner on our counters and call it a day. Well, I don’t know about you, but my food often sits on my counter and I surely don’t want to ingest what I just used to “clean” those surfaces. Powerful cleaners are for powerful messes, so what about your daily messes? Counters, sinks, toilets. Vinegar. I’m not kidding. Vinegar and then a wipe of lemon. It’s amazing. Clogged toilet? Vinegar & Baking Soda. It works like a dream. Pour some baking soda and hot water in the bowl, let it sit, then flush it down. You can buy vinegar in big jugs as well–so now you’ve cut costs, cut wasteful containers, and avoided toxic chemicals. Triple wins are the best. (Read more.)

This Time They Came for Our Children

From PJ Media:
But this time it was teenage girls -- our children -- in that Manchester audience, murdered by a suicide bomber. If he had been more successful gaining entry, he might have killed several hundreds of them instead of, at this writing, only 19.

Have we learned anything?  Is this finally going to be enough?  Will we at last wake up?  You tell me that the next time you drop your young daughter off at a rock concert you're going to feel comfortable.  Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, libertarian, or ladeedah, you're going to have heart palpitations, I promise you.

Politicians blather on about how these terrorists are "cowards."  No, they're not.  Nothing cowardly about killing yourself for your vision of god, insane as it might be.  What they are is maniacally evil, the same kind of evil that marched innocents into gas chambers in the 1940s.  If you don't confront it, it goes on and on, just as happened then.

So what do we do about it?

Begin with this:

Ban the word "Islamophobia" from the English language.  It's the biggest lie of our time, invented to distract from the obvious  truth:  Islam has a monumental problem with the modern world that affects all of us.  Egypt's al-Sisi knows it.  Saudi King Salman seems now to know it.  Only the "useful idiots" in the Western left deny this blatant reality.  ISIS, al-Qaeda, and their ilk are the clear perpetrators, but the so-called liberals and progressives -- in their endless morally narcissistic virtue signaling -- are their enablers, actually their unindicted co-conspirators.  It's time we should indict them. (Read more.)

A Viking Camp Discovered

From RT:
Archaeologists have uncovered an enormous Viking encampment in eastern England, a discovery that reveals much about the Norse armies that invaded Britain in the 9th century. The new study by the universities of York and Sheffield shows that the Torksey camp on the River Trent in Lincolnshire was larger than most contemporary towns. Home to thousands of Viking warriors and their families, a force much larger than previously believed, the Norsemen are thought to have wintered in the area before launching a larger invasion.

“The Vikings had previously often raided exposed coastal monasteries and returned to Scandinavia in winter, but in the later 9th century they came in larger numbers, and decided to stay,” Professor Julian Richards from the University of York said. “This sent a very clear message that they now planned not only to loot and raid – but to control and conquer.” (Read more.)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To Save the West

From Intel Huxley:
Europe and Christianity can not just be severed at the hip without a massive fallout. Why is this? Because Europe was built on the back of Christianity, even Rome herself was saved from massive degeneracy and filth by Christian values. Do not fall for the prideful lie that we can simply remove the cornerstone of European civilisation and not face any consequences. God will withdraw his blessings and you can see the fruit of that today.

Even from a purely practical standpoint, Islam has been the barbarian at the gates of Europe virtually since its inception. Only now, without the strong in-group that Christianity creates, has Islam seemingly positioned itself in such a way as looking to dominate where it had only failed in the past. Look at what our nations have turned into, yet people who complain about this plight still run further from the faith, some even blame Christianity for the very degeneration caused by its absence; the height of absurdity!

The only thing that is going to roll back the devastating changes that the west is undergoing, is a radical returning to Christ, and with it a total resurgence of Christianity. (Read more.)

On the Danger of Removing or Destroying Historical Monuments

It began during the French Revolution, when they demolished the statues of the kings. The Communists perfected the trend of removing unpleasant reminders of Russia's imperial past, which spread from the taking down of statues to the erasure of politically incorrect persons from history books. By altering the historical record, Marxists and other revolutionaries have sought to control society. Erasing history transforms citizens into slaves, for their past has been stolen.

According to Matt Walsh:
The city of New Orleans completed its purge of its own history last week when a statue of Robert E. Lee was torn down. Throngs of historically illiterate people stood by and cheered as a monument to one of this country’s greatest generals was destroyed. On social media, many more applauded the move, demonstrating a level of disrespect and contempt for General Lee that his enemies on the battlefield did not even have. When General Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, the victors treated Lee and his men with dignity and honor. It took 150 years for Lee to become nothing but a cowardly, racist traitor, as he’s been described by the noted historians on Twitter.

I have long been of the opinion that one must refrain from forming concrete opinions of historical events and historical figures if one has never read a history book. And if the pitchfork mob would stop for a moment to read a book about Robert E. Lee, they would learn that he was far from the slobbering, slave-owning, treasonous bigot they make him out to be. Indeed, Lee never purchased a single slave. The slaves he inherited from his wife’s family, he freed long before the end of the war. Lee considered slavery to be a “moral and political evil,” which means he condemned it in harsher terms than even many of his northern counterparts ever did.

No, he did not consider the black race to be completely equal to the white race, but — contrary to the cartoonish portrayal of the Northern warriors for racial equality that you get from public schools — hardly anybody on either side believed in true racial equality. Lincoln thought the black race to be in every way inferior (“I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races”), but, rather than enslaving them, he preferred shipping them all back to Africa. Lincoln also did not favor fighting a war to end slavery (“If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it”), and in that way his opinion of the peculiar institution was practically identical to Robert E. Lee’s. (Read more.)

Eighteenth-Century Undergarments

A primer on shifts, stays, panniers, pockets, stockings and garters. To quote:
Stockings then and now are pretty much the same in shape but not in materials since they could be made of woven as well as knitted silk or wool. My favourite part of 18th century stockings is the over-the-top decoration and the bright colours these people wore (and here I am with a closet full of black and grey clothes!). Since (obviously) there was no spandex back in the day, you had to use garters (ribbon or tape) to keep the stockings in place, and of course those must have a little colourful party too with embroideries, gilded threads, knitted materials, satin colours and phrases and monograms. (Read more.)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Icon of the Martyrs of the Royal Family

I could not figure out who was portrayed in this icon at first glance. It is a Russian-style icon depicting Louis XVI, Louis XVII, Marie-Antoinette, and Madame Elisabeth. It is interesting to remember that Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette became friends with the Tsarevitch Paul and the Grand Duchess Marie when they visited France in the 1780's. The future Tsar and his wife were also greatly impressed by the virtue of Madame Elisabeth. There are people who accuse me of trying to make saints out of Louis and Antoinette but it seems I am not the only one. Actually, it is my intention merely to show how their Catholic faith gave them strength, which other authors tend to ignore. I personally believe that they displayed heroic virtue at their deaths, but the final decision lies with the Church. But God can glorify whomever He chooses. Share

Bill Nye, the Eugenics Guy

From The American Thinker:
The season finale of pop scientist Bill Nye's new Netflix show "Bill Nye Saves the World" suggested that the government should punish people who have too many children, for the sake of the environment.

"The average Nigerian emits 0.1 metric tons of carbon annually," noted Nye's guest, Dr. Travis Rieder. "How many does the average American emit? Sixteen metric tons." Rieder said Americans having an average of two children are "waaaay more problematic" than Nigerians having seven when it comes to preventing global warming.

"Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?" Nye asked.

“I do think we should at least consider it," Rieder said. Nye pushed him even further.
"Well, ‘at least consider it' is like, ‘do it,'" he opined.

The other two guests pushed back, however, pointing out that what Nye and Rieder were proposing came dangerously close to the eugenics policies of America's past, which ending up disproportionately targeting poor women and minorities. (Read more.)